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At Alrick Industries, we offer a one stop solution for your manufacturing needs, from part design till component production. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and believe in full transparency within our team and with our customers. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be. Take a look at our key manufacturing capabilities



We are committed to manufacturing high quality injection molded products and providing timely deliveries. Equipped with the latest milling and turning centers, we are capable of manufacturing molds upto the size of 1500mm x 1500mm as well as producing thousands of plastic components per day. Our team will work with you continuously from the design stage of your products throughout its lifetime to provide excellent service and high standards of quality products.


With our CNC machining services, which include both CNC turning and multi-axis milling operations, we manufacture a wide variety of products. From one-off-prototypes to high volume production runs, our CNC machining operations have met the needs of diverse industries like aerospace, defence and commercial


We provide rapid prototyping using various 3D printing and post processing techniques with a material of choice.

Manufacturing: Features
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